Introducing a whole new way to monitor water consumption and protect your facility: alerts for catastrophic water failures and tracking of faucet or fixture leaks, all accessible on your mobile device or PC.

T&S WaterWatch is a foodservice first — giving you an easy way to monitor water consumption, detect leaks and optimize conservation measures.

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See how easy it is for T&S WaterWatch to protect your facility and keep you informed of water usage, leaks, and catastrophic failures.

How It Works

Simply attach a smartphone-sized device to the main water line of your facility.

Every use of water within your facility produces a unique sound signature. T&S WaterWatch recognizes and identifies each to determine what fixture is using water and for how long, even distinguishing between simultaneous events.

T&S WaterWatch collects thousands of sound measurements every second and, using your facility's WiFi connection, transmits them to the cloud, where algorithms and machine learning translate those measurements to accurate water insights.

After a 7-day learning period, T&S WaterWatch will begin providing daily consumption updates and real-time leak detection.

If T&S WaterWatch’s algorithms detect abnormal usage, messages are sent to immediately notify you of major leaks so corrective action can be taken.

All water usage data and reports are easily accessible using a mobile app or PC. There you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your facility’s overall water usage and potential leak events.

Device Setup

It's easy to get started.

Simply purchase and register your device.

Connect it to your facility's WiFi.

Attach T&S WaterWatch to your facility's main water line and plug it into the nearest power outlet.

No cutting or plumber is required!

Ongoing Water Consumption

Leak Detection

App Access

Operators can access comprehensive data detailing how much water is being consumed by each site.

Data available includes average usage, as well as listings of usage and events filtered by factors such as date and time.

Advanced features include source- or fixture-based analysis, point-of-use leak alerts, benchmarking and goal setting.

For chains, corporate personnel can pull data reports from all franchise locations.


Download a variety of comprehensive resources for more information about T&S WaterWatch.


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